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X WA - Columbia Valley


Aviator is our Bordeaux style blend. The Cabernet Sauvignon was sourced from our Runway Vi...

Yakima Valley
WA 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
25% Merlot
10% Petite Verdot ... 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
25% Merlot
10% Petite Verdot
5% Malbec
$30   BUY

The cabernet sauvignon was sourced from vines planted on our runway vineyard (part of Airp...
WA 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
$22   BUY

COLOR: Light, golden straw hues. NOSE: Elegant fruit aromas of apple and pear blended ...
WA 99% Chardonnay
$20   BUY

This wine is sourced from our black rock vineyard (part Airport Ranches) and lies at appro...
WA 100% Dolcetto
$28   BUY

This white blend consists of 60% Viognier, 18% Chardonnay, 14% Gewurztraminer, and 8% Rous...
WA 60% Viognier
18% Chardonnay
14% Gewurztraminer ... 60% Viognier
18% Chardonnay
14% Gewurztraminer
8% Roussanne
$12   BUY

This Gew├╝ztraminer was sourced from our Miller Vineyard (a part of Airport Ranch). This v...
WA 100% Gewurztraminer
$14   BUY

The Malbec was sourced from the J-2 block located within our Black Rock Vineyard (part of ...
WA 100% Malbec
$28   BUY

The merlot was sourced from the D-2 Block located within our Miller Vineyard (part of Airp...
WA 100% Merlot
$22   BUY

COLOR: Highly intense, ink black hue with dark purple around the edge. NOSE: Rich aroma...
WA 97% Syrah/Shiraz
3% Merlot
$28   BUY

This Syrah was sourced from our Black Rock Vineyard (part of Airport Ranches.) It has a so...
WA 100% Syrah/Shiraz
$35   BUY
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